Q: How do I measure my waist?
A: Get a measuring tape hold it at your belly button and wrap it around until the other end is back at your belly button and whatever number it lands on in inches is your waist circumference 
Q. Can you use my pants size?
A: No bc waist size does not correlate to pant size. Two people can wear a size 5 and one has a 25 waistline and the other have a 28in waistline. Its best to get and know your exact measurements to avoid resizing fee.
Q: Will my charms fade?
A: No your charms will not fade
Q: What are the charms made of?
A: All charms are made of stainless steel plated in 14k gold.
Q: Are the gemstones real?
A: Yes. All crystal gemstones are 100% authentic.
Q: Can you make me this exact piece?
A: No. All pieces are custom. I can recreate something similar but never exact.
Q: Can you give me a reading and see what stones I need?
A: No. I do not give readings, I can not tell you about yourself. I can only ASSIST you with stones for what YOU feel YOU need. However I can create based off of a reading you have had done. Order a consultation. 15 minute consultations are 10.00.