Welcome to 21 Days of Self-Care in Jah's World!

Welcome to 21 Days of Self-Care in Jah's World!

✨At Jah's World, we believe that self-care is not just a luxury but an essential practice for nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Over the next 21 days, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love.

☀️Each day, we'll share a unique self-care activity designed to help you connect with yourself, find inner peace, and embrace the beauty of your being. From soothing bath rituals to mindful meditations, from creative expressions to moments of gratitude, our 21-day self-care guide is here to support you on your path to wellness.

🏃🏾‍♀️Get ready to experience the joy of indulging in your well-being, embracing your unique essence, and cultivating a deeper connection with yourself. Let's embark on this empowering journey together, one day at a time, in Jah's World of self-care.

📧 Stay on top of your emails or report to this blog at 10am est. for daily task!

Don’t forget to download any activity sheets from email attachments 

✍🏾 Make sure to leave a comment or picture about your day!


✅ Whoever does it for the whole 21 days will receive a 50.00 gift card to our store!


Happy healing ✨


edit: ok so it won’t let me add each day in so I will create a file where you can go back to each day. Once the link is ready it will replace this text 🫶🏾

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Thank you all for showing up for YOU! Those who were consistent check your rewards!

Harmoni Banks

I am late but I’ll share my post anyway. This has been a great journey to help me just focus on myself. I am always thinking of others and I how I can help them but I need to give the samething back to myself.


We made beautiful souls we made it this far!! Now it’s up to us to continue to put ourselves first!!! I’ve learned so much and have stayed committed to something that has assisted in my mental health and I must say its amazing feels amazing!! Thank you so much for this moment and many blessings to you all on your individual journeys!!


This journey has been very good for me. I’m the type that is always helping others around me and rarely taking care of myself. It was nice to focus on myself and reflect on the topics that were given.


I am definitely working on being more positive. I don’t want my own negativity to hold me back from my blessings.


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