Self Love is the Best Love: 101

Self-love encompasses not only how you treat yourself but also your thoughts and feelings about yourself. We often treat others wayyyyy better than we treat ourselves. We love on the people we care about but neglect the love of self. How can we expect someone else to love us when we don't show our own self much.

Do you tell yourself sweet things you crave from that special man or woman?

Do you take yourself out?

Do you caress yourself?

If you answered no more than yes well you are in the right place!

Start with affirmations and telling yourself all of things you love about you!

Affirm starting with I AM....

Do you know what you like about yourself? The things you enjoy doing?

If not get a paper and writing utensil and make a list of the things you love about you. Even if you don't like it still tell yourself you do until you really do or make a change about it.

For example for a while i use to dislike my weight and how big my stomach was and would constantly tell myself "ugh i hate my stomach" now I rub on it and tell myself how much i love it until it is gone. I put in daily effort to exercise so my words can align with my actions!

Once you start going the extra mile for YOU you will attract things that will do the same!


Happy healing family!


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